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The goal of this section is to provide concrete examples of how to create data files for whatever game system you choose. Although additional examples are included, there are two primary components of this section. The first is an examination of the Sample data files provided by the Kit, which also serve as the starting point for creating data files for your own game system. The second is a detailed walk-through that guides you through the evolution of fully operational data files for the Savage Worlds game system. Starting with the Skeleton data files, you'll witness how the entire process unfolds.

Sample/Skeleton Data Files

To simplify the creation of custom data files for a new game system, the Kit provides the Skeleton data files as a robust starting point. The Authoring Kit Sample game system provides a working example that builds directly on top of the Skeleton data files. The topics below delve into the various facets of these data files that you'll likely want to become familiar with.

Savage Worlds Walk-Through

As mentioned above, the Kit includes complete data files for the Savage Worlds game system from Great White Games. We've written up a detailed walk-through of how we created these data files, using the Skeleton files as our starting point. This should provide an excellent guide for how to adapt the Skeleton files to whatever game system you have in mind. Click on the link below to follow the process from start to finish.

Miscellaneous Examples

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