Creature Refinement (Savage)

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Context: HL KitAuthoring Examples … Savage Worlds Walk-Through 


Managing Abilities

  • race-specific abilities
  • creature-specific abilities
    • shared abilities with races
    • separate file to hold all of the general/shared abilities
  • default abilities that can be added to any creature
    • identifying the abilities distinctly from other abilities via tag

New Abilities Tab

  • allow user to specify facets of dynamic abilities that are needed (value/text)
  • User.NeedText and User.NeedValue tags

Cleanup the Interface

  • Resource Revisions
  • Basics Tab
  • Skills Tabs

Custom Creatures

  • define a "custom" creature that allows the author to create whatever he wants
  • define a "custom" ability that allows the author to annotate the behaviors without actually creating a new ability in the Editor
    • just like custom containers

Validation Rules

  • new validation rule for creature type
  • need ContainerReq tests for race and creature validation things

Output Revisions

  • show "creature type" instead of Race within character sheet
  • same for statblock output