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The data files that we've been developing are finally complete and soon ready to be shared with others. The sections below address a variety of final tasks associated with preparing our data files for distribution.

Version Requirement

Every new release of HL typically introduces new functionality within the Kit. If you utilize this functionality in your data files, you'll want to be sure that users don't try to load your files with an older version of HL. If they do, they will get errors when compiling the data files and think that the files are the problem. You can avoid this by designating the minimum version of HL that is required with your data files.

Within the definition file, the "release" element possesses a "required" attribute. This attribute can specify the minimum version of HL that your data files require. If you specify this correctly, any attempt by the user to load your data files into an older copy of HL will result in an appropriate error being reported. The user will be we told he needs a newer version of HL and pointed to the Updates mechanism to retrieve the update.

Since our data files are utilizing functionality introduced in V3.1 of HL, we need to specify that as our requirement. So the attribute is must be assigned the value "3.1".

Version Number

Release Notes


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Publishing Your Work