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The "faq" Element

The data files for every game system provide the means for an author to develop and maintain a list of frequently asked questions (or FAQ). The FAQ serves as an organized repository of notes, explanations, tips, and whatnot for anyone using the data files. The FAQ is not intended as an actual user manual for the data files, but augments the user manual with bits of useful information that don't make sense to include directly within the manual. Each individual FAQ entry is defined through the use of a "faq" element. The complete list of attributes for this element is below.

id Id – Specifies the unique id of the FAQ entry. This id is used in all references to the FAQ entry.
order (Optional) Integer – Specifies the order in which this FAQ entry is to appear in the generated FAQ file. All FAQ entries are sorted based on this attribute, with the lower values appearing before higher values. If two or more FAQ entries have the same order value, they are sorted alphabetically based on the topic. This allows you to control the order in which FAQ entries appear, enabling organization of the contents. Default: "100".
topic Text – Specifies the "title" to displayed for this FAQ entry. A summary of all topics is generated at the top of the FAQ file, allowing users to see all the topics and click on those of interest to get direct access to the details.
PCDATA Text – Specifies the detailed description text to be displayed for this FAQ entry. The description may contain HTML tags, although care should be taken to ensure that the HTML used is very simple, else formatting problems can arise in the generated FAQ file.


The following example demonstrates what a "faq" element might look like. All default values are assumed for optional attributes.

<faq id="faqentry" order="1000"
    topic="Add your own FAQ entry here">
    Description of the FAQ entry