Final Cleanup (Savage)

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Our data files are complete. It's time to do a final round of cleanup. We'll be eliminating any extraneous mechanisms that we inherited from the Skeleton files. After that, we'll do another round of testing so we can fix anything that has slipped past us.

Skeleton File Garbage

The Skeleton files provided us with a working set of functionality, and we used the vast majority of it. However, there are some bits left over that we didn't use. Before we consider our files complete, we should prune that material out, leaving ourselves with only material that is associated with our game system.

We don't really need to worry about mechanisms built into the various components. Most of those mechanisms have been fully adapted to our purposes for Savage Worlds. The few exceptions are causing no trouble and will require a fair amount of work to locate. So it's best to just leave them alone.

Where we need to focus is within the various ".dat" files. The Skeleton files included a variety of things that we're no longer using. Those we can readily identify and delete. So we'll go through those files, one at a time, and remove whatever material is no longer needed.

sample attribute sample skill sample edge sample ability sample adjustment sample advance sample weapons sample armor sample gear sample hindrance