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Context: HL KitKit Reference … Script Types 

Technical Details

Initial Context: Pick
Alternate Context: None
Fields Finalized? Yes
Where Used: Portals
Procedure Use: "label" type, "info" context, "pick" context

The HeaderTitle script utilizes the following special symbols:

text (String) Entry: Contains the empty string.

Exit: Contains the text to be displayed to the user as the title above the table. The final text may contain encoding.


The HeaderTitle script is essentially a special-purpose Label script used in conjunction with tables. This script allows you to synthesize the text to be displayed as a simple header for a table, without all the work of defining a custom template. It display a single line of text, centered within the header region above the table.

The initial context for the script is dictated by the "headerpick" attribute for the table. The engine will locate a pick within the container that is derived from the specified thing, and that will be the starting script context. Aside from that, the HeaderTitle script is a standard Label script.

When used for tables shown on the screen, the header text is centered within the header region and defaults to using a 10-point Arial font in soft white with a bold style. When used within sheet output, the text is centered in the header region with a solid, light-grey background, and it uses a 13-point Arial font in black with a bold style.

NOTE!  The HeaderTitle script is read-only. Within this script, virtually all aspects of the structural hierarchy can be accessed, but nothing can be changed.


The Skeleton files make extensive use of this mechanism for putting a suitable title above each table. For example, above the table for selecting Special Abilities, the header shows an appropriate title that includes how many selections remain.

@text = "Special Ablities: " & hero.child[resAbility].field[resSummary].text