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Welcome to the Hero Lab Authoring Kit Wiki.

The Authoring Kit for Hero Lab provides a vast array of capabilities, and those capabilities will continue to evolve with the product. As such, we needed a means of documenting all those capabilities that could readily adapt and evolve as well. We concluded that the best way to accomplish this is to create a wiki that is dedicated to the purpose.

If you are not familiar with wikis, you can think of them as an intelligently structured assortment web pages. For information on using this wiki, please refer to the User's Guide.

Wikis are designed to be easily searched, so you can enter whatever term you are interested in and quickly find all the various entries pertaining to that topic. This will be invaluable as you become proficient with the Authoring Kit and want information on specific capabilities. Until you reach that point, you can simply start with this page and follow the various links below to read through all the various topics.