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The "image_user" Element

The role of the "image_user" element is to allow the user to select the image to be displayed and show it within the portal. Until the user selects an image, a placeholder image is shown instead. This portal type is intended for use in allowing the user to select a character portrait and related situations. The complete list of attributes for this element is below.

field Id – Specifies the unique id of the field whose contents manage the image to to be displayed within the portal. The field must be a value-based field of "user" style, and its contents should never be modified by script. The field must exist within the pick/thing associated with the containing template. If this portal is not defined within a template, a field-based image is not allowed.

NOTE! User-selected images are tracked internally with the portfolio, so no link to the original image file exists.


The following example demonstrates what a user image portal might look like. All default values are assumed for optional attributes.

<portal id="image" style="imgNormal">
  <image_user field="userimage"/>