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Context: HL KitKit Reference … Script Types 

Technical Details

Initial Context: Hero
Alternate Context: None
Fields Finalized? Yes
Where Used: Definition File
Procedure Use: "container" context

The LeadSummary script utilizes the following special symbols:

text (String) Entry: Contains the text "No Summary Provided".

Exit: Contains the text to be output as the summary for the lead actor. The final text may contain encoding.


When a user imports characters from a saved portfolio, a summary is shown next to the name. This summary provides basic details about the character that are unique to each game system. The LeadSummary script is used to synthesize the summary. The script is invoked whenever a portfolio is saved so that the summary can be stored in the portfolio and subsequently retrieved for display during import.

The LeadSummary script starts with the leading actor as its initial context. You can then cull whatever information you need from the actor for inclusion within the summary.

NOTE!  The LeadSummary script is read-only. Within this script, virtually all aspects of the structural hierarchy can be accessed, but nothing can be changed.


In the Mutants & Masterminds game system, each character is shown with its current power points and power level. The script below shows how this is done.

~Show our total PP and PL
@text = herofield[SpentPP].value & " PP"
@text &= ", PL " & herofield[CurrentPL].value