Leveraging Tags Via Tag Expressions

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Context: HL KitKit Reference 

General Overview

The Kit utilizes tags as a fundamental building block upon which a substantial number of mechanisms are based. While scripts and field values are critical components as well, you'll often rely on tags to determine when and how to process those scripts and fields. This section provides in-depth details on how to leverage tags in your design and how tags are utilized through tag expressions.

In the topics below, we focus on the various ways in which tags can be utilized. The syntax details are quite similar for each, since all are built upon the same fundamental elements. There are four basic layers of use that progressively build upon each other.

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IMPORTANT! This section assumes you are already familiar with the basics of tags and tag expressions. If you have not already done so, please review the section Data Manipulation Basics before proceeding with this section.

Tag Templates

Tag templates provide a simple mechanism to determine if an entity contains a specific tag. Templates also provide wildcard comparisons.

Tag Terms

Tag terms build upon tag templates to determine if entities comply with a specific criteria, whether it be the presence of a tag or an arithmetic comparison against a tag.

Tag Expressions

Tag expressions utilize Boolean logic to combine tag terms into complex expressions.

Arithmetic Expressions

Arithmetic expressions enable the creation of calculations based upon the tags assigned to objects in the portfolio.