NewCombat Script

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Context: HL KitKit Reference … Script Types 

Technical Details

Initial Context: Pick
Alternate Context: None
Fields Finalized? No
Where Used: Definition File

The NewCombat script utilizes the following special symbols:

isfirst (Number) Entry: Non-zero if this script is being invoked for the first actor in the portfolio.

Exit: Ignored.


The NewCombat script is invoked whenever the user triggers the start of a new combat within the Tactical Console. Prior to the actual transition into combat mode, this script is applied to each actor. When invoked, the NewCombat script starts with the "actor" pick of an actor in the combat as its initial context. It is invoked for all actors in the combat (non-combatants are ignored). This allows the author to reset state for each actor prior to the new combat.


In various game systems, there is the notion of "waiting" or "holding an action". This state will persist for each actor after combat ends, so it needs to be reset at the start of combat.

herofield[acAbandon].value = 0