Skeleton Data File Revision History

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The Skeleton Data Files were initially released in V3.0 and have evolved since that time. If you started work on your data files with an older release than is currently available, you should probably integrate the changes listed below for each subsequent release.

V3.1 Revision History

IMPORTANT! A detailed list of the specific changes made to each file can be found here.

The following changes and additions were introduced in V3.1.

  1. Added highlighting of any currently equipped weapon and/or armor on the Armory summary panel.
  2. Eliminated use of the "mousepos" attribute within MouseInfo scripts whenever it specified the default behavior was to be used.
  3. Fixed a bug in the standard character sheet that failed to handle weapons that are non-stackable.
  4. Integrated use of the "output_dots" portal within the sample character sheet framework that is provided.
  5. Added a few lines of missing code to Position script for the "oAdjPick" template.
  6. Increased the "maxfinal" length of "grStkName" field within "Gear" component to 100.
  7. Fixed problem with the color highlighting not showing red properly in Finalize script for "resAddItem" field of "Resource" component.
  8. Revised the gear template to be more intelligent and adaptive.
  9. Eliminated some extraneous code from the "power" portal within the "dashboard" template.
  10. Fixed a problem in the "DshActive" procedure that was not properly outputting activated abilities that weren't in-play adjustments.
  11. Added the "lblSmlLeft" style for general use.
  12. Utilized the "lblSmlLeft" style within the TacCon.
  13. Fixed problems with the Eval script for generating the name within the "Adjustment" component.
  14. Corrected the behavior of the Label script for the "summary" portal within the "tacPick" template of the Tactical Console.
  15. Cleaned up the code in various scripts within the "tacPick" template of the Tactical Console.
  16. Renamed the "damage" and "status" portals within the "tacPick" template of the Tactical Console to "status1" and "status2", respectively.
  17. Renamed the "column1" portal within the "tacPick" template of the Tactical Console to "traits".
  18. Renamed the "DashTacCon.Column1" tag to "Traits".
  19. The contents of the "peace" and "summary" portals within the "tacPick" template of the Tactical Console are sorted by name for display.
  20. The "summary" portal uses "sizetofit" to shrink a bit whenever its contents are too large to fit in the available space.
  21. The "static" form include built-in handling for accessing the master when a minion is being edited.
  22. Defined the "actMaster" style and added the corresponding bitmaps as built-in resources.
  23. The "Domain" component automatically integrates the domain into the name of the pick, plus the "shortname" field if one exists.
  24. The form for advancements uses the base "thing" name when synthesizing a name for display instead of the normal name, providing full control over how the domain is shown for advancements.
  25. Suitable abbreviations are now defined for all traits.
  26. Revised the logic for shrinking text on the advancements form.
  27. Revised the logic for limiting line height on advancements form.
  28. Eliminated use of "textheight" for validation report sizing in the character sheet.
  29. Revised a number of Position scripts within the character sheet to make proper use of "sizetofit" (some original uses were ineffectual).
  30. Fixed problem where the Journal tab was showing the total XP based on the contents of the usage pool instead of the "resXP" resource.
  31. Heroes track their "dead" state, which is shown on the TacCon.
  32. Added pre-defined "menuSmall" style for smaller menus.
  33. Added built-in support for handling things that require special user-selection behaviors, including checkboxes, array-based menus, and thing-based menus. This includes the "UserSelect" component for behaviors and "UserSelect" template to handle visuals.
  34. Added built-in thing for handling natural armor, which requires the "defDefense" field to be "derived" instead of "static".
  35. Added handling to the "SimpleItem" template that automatically changes the color of any non-deletable items to indicate that state.
  36. If an equippable item possesses the "Equipment.Natural" tag at the time of creation, the item is initialized to the equipped state but may thereafter be changed.
  37. Added option for centering the name within the "SimpleItem" and "LargeItem" templates.
  38. Added the "Equipment.StartEquip" tag and handling for it within the Creation script of the "Equippable" component.
  39. Revised the validation rules within the "Domain" component so that any panel linked to the thing is properly highlighted when the domain is required and not specified.
  40. The "Domain" component supports customization of the term shown to the user for the domain within validation errors via assignment of a tag from the "DomainTerm" tag group.
  41. The advancements mechanism supports the "DomainTerm" behaviors when displaying options that leverage domains.
  42. Moved the user manual into the "docs" folder beneath where the data files are stored to keep it separate from the other data files.
  43. Abilities marked as "creation only" now verify the appropriate state via the "state.iscreate" test.
  44. Revised timing of setting the delta for the "trtUser" field in the file "traits.str".
  45. Revised timing of the scripts that tally attribute and skill points within "traits.str".
  46. Added a "notation" advance to the advancements mechanism.
  47. Sheet output of abilities must be limited to a single line high.
  48. Changed the timing of the script handling auto-equipped gear, as it was scheduled much earlier than necessary and limiting authoring options.
  49. Moved a variety of bitmaps into the "builtin" folder, which then required changing most "image_literal" portals to utilize the bitmaps there.
  50. Added an assortment of named color resources that are then used within the various styles, which allows for easier re-use and replacement by an author.
  51. The Finalize script of the "acPPSumm" field on the "Actor" component must shown the "trkUser" field instead of "trtLeft".
  52. Revamped the starting HTML file for use as a User Manual.
  53. The ranged weapons table "arRange" must reference the "Gear" component so that the appropriate transaction scripts are invoked.

V3.2 Revision History

IMPORTANT! A detailed list of the specific changes made to each file can be found here.

The following changes and additions were introduced in V3.2.

  1. Fixed bug where character sheet output that continued onto subsequent pages did not properly position the right-side column of output.
  2. Added use of the "prefix" attribute on "editthing" elements within the Editor.
  3. Unspent resources report validation warnings and highlight the appropriate tabs unless assigned the "Helper.NoMinimum" tag.
  4. Fixed bug where the "lot cost" of a piece of gear was being calculated incorrectly.
  5. Added new system resources that authors can override when tailoring the interface for a custom game system.
  6. Fixed bug where ammunition was not having its quantity setup properly for tracking on the In-Play tab.
  7. Eliminated the edit portal length from three edit portals that exceeded the maximum allowed length of the underlying field.
  8. Fixed problem with the handling of abilities, where they were not being properly flagged on the actor for indication to the user.