Skeleton File Changes V3.1

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Context: HL KitKit Reference … Skeleton Data File Revision History 

File: "actor.str"

Line 163: Change the reference to the "trtLeft" field to "trtUser".

Line 221: Replace the Eval script with the revised script below.

<eval index="1" phase="Final" priority="1000"><![CDATA[
  ~if no damage has been incurred, assign a tag to indicate that state
  if (field[acHPNow].value >= field[acHPMax].value) then
    perform hero.assign[Hero.NoDamage]

  ~if the hero is dead or otherwise out of combat, indicate that state
  elseif (field[acHPNow].value = 0) then
    perform hero.assign[Hero.Dead]

File: "advancement.core"