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It's invaluable to GMs to have an assortment of ready-made NPCs and villains to populate an unplanned encounter. The rulebooks for most game systems define a variety of such characters for exactly this purpose. You can create one or more portfolios of these characters and distribute them with your data files, providing GMs instant access to the character within HL. Portfolios containing these "stock" characters are accordingly referred to as "stock" portfolios.

Stock NPCs

The core rulebook for Savage Worlds only defines two stock NPCs for use within games. As such, there are only these two characters that we can add to a stock portfolio. These are the basic soldier and experience soldier.

Since the Savage Worlds rulebook covers some disparate time periods, the gear assigned to these stock NPCs needs to vary across time periods. So we'll create two separate stock portfolios for both

Stock Creatures

Sample Characters