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The "table" context identifies the containing table of a template or portal within the current hierarchy.

Context Transitions

The "table" context is essentially the same as a "portal" context, since the context simply corresponds to a table portal within a layout. From within a "table" context, you can utilize the following set of valid context transitions:

parent Transitions to the layout context corresponding to the visual element that contains the portal.

Example: this.parent
NOTE! The "parent" transition can only be utilized a single time, so it is not possible to go upwards two or more levels within the hierarchy.

Target References

Tables are a special type of portal. As such, they share all of the same target references as normal portals. However, tables also have a few additional target references that are unique to themselves. The complete list of these special target references is presented in the table below.

IMPORTANT! Tables also support all general portal target references.

gaphorz (Right, Number) Returns the gap between items within the table along the horizontal axis.

Example: perform this.gaphorz

gapvert (Right, Number) Returns the gap between items within the table along the vertical axis.

Example: perform this.gapvert