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(Technical Details)
(Technical Details)
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|Procedure Use:
|Procedure Use:
|"titlebar" type, "entity" context
|"titlebar" type, "entity" context, "container" context

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Context: HL KitKit Reference … Script Types 

Technical Details

Initial Context: Container
Alternate Context: None
Fields Finalized? Yes
Where Used: Portals
Procedure Use: "titlebar" type, "entity" context, "container" context

The TitleBar script utilizes the following special symbols:

text (String) Entry: Contains the default text to display ("Choose an Item from the List Below").

Exit: Contains the text to be displayed to the user to prompt selection. The final text may contain encoding.


The TitleBar script is only used within portals that display a choose form where the user can select an item. At the top of the choose form is a title bar that contains a prompt, directing the user to select an item from the list presented. This script allows an author to specify the exact text to be displayed at the top of the selection table, making it possible to remind the user of the context being selected or how many selections remain.

NOTE!  The TitleBar script is read-only. Within this script, virtually all aspects of the structural hierarchy can be accessed, but nothing can be changed.


When displaying selections where the user can select multiple items, it's helpful to inform the user how many choices remain. This can be easily achieved by a script like the one below.

@text = "Add a Special Ablity - " & hero.child[resAbility].field[resSummary].text