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Context: HL KitBasic Concepts and Terminology … Data Manipulation Basics 

The Kit supports more than 40 different types of scripts that make it possible for you to control virtually every facet of how the data files behave. Some scripts control visual facets of how information is presented, while others control the actual manipulation of the character. In general, all of these types of scripts can be distilled into a handful of different categories.

The list below presents a summary of the various categories of scripts, while the complete list of all script types will be found in the Kit Reference documentation.

Visual Positioning Scripts that manage the size and positioning of visual elements within panels and sheets
Synthesis & Presentation Scripts that synthesize information for display to the user in some fashion, including labels, descriptions, mouse-over information, and stat blocks
Pick Manipulation Scripts that manipulate the contents of picks during the evaluation cycle
Field Manipulation Scripts that manipulate the contents of fields for both display and constraint
Validation Scripts that apply validation tests to objects with integrated reporting of errors
Creation/Deletion Scripts that perform appropriate setup and cleanup of specialized objects
Transaction Scripts associated with the buying and selling of equipment
Mode Transition Scripts associated with the transition into and out of advancement mode
Trigger Scripts that are invoked in direct response to user actions, such as merging and splitting stackable gear, controlling combat and turns, etc.
Fixup Scripts used to accommodate changes between data file releases and potential loading errors of portfolios