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[Context: HL KitBasic Concepts and TerminologyScripting Language]

The Kit supports more than 40 different types of scripts that make it possible for you to control virtually every facet of how the data files behave. Some scripts control visual facets of how information is presented, while others control the actual manipulation of the character. In general, all of these types of scripts can be distilled into a handful of different categories.

The list below presents a summary of the various categories of scripts, while the complete list of all script types will be found in the Kit Reference documentation.

Visual Positioning template, layout, panel, sheet
Pick Manipulation eval script
Field Manipulation calculate, stat finalize, thing finalize, field bounds
Creation/Deletion creation, deletion, gizmo setup
Synthesis & Presentation chosen, titlebar, mouseinfo, description, label, gear weight, dossier, lead summary
Transaction setup, buy, sell
Transition mode transition, can advance
Trigger trigger, merge, split, change (chooser/menu), new combat, new turn, integrate, initiative
Validation eval rule, pre-requisite, integrity
Fixup load fixup, load error