Advanced Authoring Concepts

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Context: HL Kit

This section delves into many of the more advanced concepts involved in creating data files. These concepts cover both structural and visual facets of the data files, as well as suggestions for an effective design philosophy. Simply click on one of the many topics below to learn more about it.

IMPORTANT! This section of the documentation is not yet complete. Topics that have been written will be found at the top of the list. Other topics are simply identified, sometimes along with a few notes about what the topic will contain. These topics will be added over time to complete the documentation.

  • Design Philosophy
    • Development strategy
    • Designing Data Files
    • Iterative Evolution
  • Using "Live" tag expressions
    • Structural elements
    • Visual elements
  • Actor rules
  • Managing Gear
    • Holders
    • Stackable vs. Non-Stackable
  • Advancement
  • Pre-requisites
    • Specific thing
    • Expression
    • General
  • Re-using Components in multiple Component Sets
  • Character Sheet Output
    • Standard sheets
    • Spillover sheets
  • Managing Dossiers
  • Statblock Output
  • Editor Integration
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Distributing Data Files
    • Designing data files for user-extensibility
    • Game System FAQ
    • Stock portfolios