Changes in V3.2 (Savage)

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The following changes were made to the Savage Worlds data files in the V3.2 release of Hero Lab.

  1. Widened the space for the defensive value in the summary panel for armor and shields.
  2. Fixed bug where character sheet output that continued onto subsequent pages did not properly position the right-side column of output.
  3. Added Minimum Rank specification to Editor for Arcane Powers.
  4. Added Forbidden Arcane Backgrounds specification to Editor for Arcane Powers.
  5. Fixed bug where Horse and Warhorse were treated as normal gear holders and their weight would be applied to the character.
  6. Eliminated options for menu label text from Editor, since no labels are ever shown in Savage Worlds.
  7. Added stock portfolio containing all the various animals from the Bestiary.
  8. Added stock portfolio containing all monstrous creatures from the Bestiary.
  9. Errors with arcane powers now highlight the Arcane tab in red.
  10. Unspent resources during character creation report validation warnings and highlight the appropriate tabs.
  11. Added an in-play adjustment for Armor to enable easy application of the effects of the Armor arcane power.