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The "fileconstants" Element

This element allows you to specify behaviors that apply to each thing in this file. This can be used to assign a tag to every thing in a file, or to verify that a certain substring appears in the unique id of every thing in a file.

The contents of the "fileconstants" element cannot be viewed in the Hero Lab editor - they can only be seen when editing the file XML in a text editor. The HL editor preserves the fileconstants element of any file loaded into it, but does not allow you to view or change it.

The fileconstants element has the following attributes:

thingidrequirement Specifies a substring that must be found in the unique of every element in the file, or an error is reported. For example, if you were building a file for content from the "Amazing Games" publisher, and you wanted to make sure each element included "AG" in its unique id, you would specify "AG" for this attribute. Any thing without "AG" in its unique id would then report an error when the data files were compiled.

The "fileconstants" element possesses the following child elements:

autotag Zero or more "autotag" elements may be specified, each with a group id and tag id ("group" and "tag" attributes). Each tag listed here is added to every thing in the file.


<fileconstants thingidrequirement="AP">
  <autotag group="SomeGroup" tag="SomeTag"/>