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Context: HL KitKit Reference … Tag Expression Types 

The role of the List tag expression is to determine whether a pick or thing should be included in the list of items shown for a table-based portal. If the tag expression is satisfied, then the pick/thing is shown within the table. Otherwise, the pick/thing is omitted from the table.

The List tag expression is always applied against the pick/thing itself. The tag expression is compared against all of the tags possessed by the object. For picks, this includes the effects of all dynamically assigned and deleted tags. Since populating tables is performed after the evaluation cycle completes, the tags used for picks are the final set of tags when evaluation completes.

The List tag expression is applied anew after every evaluation cycle. Consequently, picks that dynamically change their state can appear and disappear within tables based on changes in how they satisfy the tag expression.

Any item that is added to the character via a given portal is always shown within that portal. This overrides the behavior of the List tag expression. Even if the object does not satisfy the List tag expression, it will be shown in the portal if it was previously added via the portal. This ensures that picks/things added via a portal are always made visible so that they can be readily deleted by the user.