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The "release" Element

All details pertaining to the current release of the data files can be found here. The XML element name used is "release" and the complete list of attributes is below.

major Integer – Major version number assigned to the release. Must be between 0-255.
minor Integer – Minor version number assigned to the release. Must be between 0-255.
required (Optional) Text – Specifies the minimum version of HL required to utilize these data files. The version is given in the exact same format displayed by the product when the "About Hero Lab" option is selected under the "Help" menu (e.g. “2.3a"). If empty, no requirements are enforced and the data files are assumed to work with all versions of the product. Default: Empty.
summary (Optional) Text – Arbitrary text used as release summary notes to display to the user. This summary is used by the HLExport tool when packaging up your data files for distribution to other users. No maximum length. Default: Empty.
PCDATA (Optional) Text – Detailed release notes for the data files can be specified within the PCDATA block of the element. These release notes will be displayed to the user every time the data files are re-compiled and then loaded. This is an ideal place to inform users about the status of the data files, new capabilities that have been added, and where to get answers to questions about using the data files.


The following example demonstrates what a "release" element might look like. All default values are assumed for omitted optional attributes.

  summary="Release summary here"><![CDATA[These are the actual release notes.