Basic Concepts and Terminology

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This section identifies all of the fundamental concepts and terminology that form the backbone of the Kit. A brief summary is provided for general topic below. Click on a topic to get all of the details.

Glossary of Terms

There are numerous terms used throughout the Kit, and they are generally introduced in an incremental fashion. However, if you want one place as a central location for all terms, this is it.

Unique Ids

Just about everything within HL data files is assigned a unique id that serves to uniquely identify that object throughout the data files and enables it to be referenced by other objects. There are specific rules for unique ids that must be adhered to.

XML Files

All the data files you'll work with subscribe to the XML standard. A brief overview of XML files, as they pertain to the Kit, is provided in this section.

Structural Building Blocks

On a structural level, the Kit relies on an assortment of objects that serve as building blocks for everything pertinent to a given game system. These building blocks are outlined in this section.

Visual Building Blocks

Distinct from the structural building blocks for a game system, the Kit has a separate set of objects upon which the visual behaviors of the data files are built. The visual elements are outlined in this section.

The Physical Files

There are an assortment of different file types involved in a complete set of data files. They must reside in specific locations for HL to properly find and use them, and there are critical naming conventions that they must subscribe to.

Data Manipulation Basics

A significant part of data file creation is manipulating the various building blocks through scripts and other related mechanisms. This section details the basics to provide valuable context before delving into them indepth in the following sections.

Manipulation of Visual Elements

With the vast diversity of RPGs, the author needs to decide how information is presented to the user and how it responds to the user. The manipulation of the various visual elements is a critical element within any set of data files.

Data File Development Process

Now that you've been introduced to all the basic pieces, it's time to look at how everything comes together. The overall process of developing data files is outlined in this section.