Structural Building Blocks

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In order to support all RPG systems, HL has distilled out a collection of generalized building blocks that can be used to construct the mechanics of each game system. The engine leverages these flexible, fundamental building blocks in a highly object-oriented fashion. For example, every game system object (spell, feat, skill, class, etc.) has its distinct structure defined, and every individual object is a specific instance of the appropriate type. Each game system defines its own unique set of object types and all of the individual objects of each type. For example, the data files for the d20 System define object types for classes, feats, skills, spells, etc., while the data files for the World of Darkness game system define object types for clans, covenants, merits, disciplines, etc.

The data files for each game system dictate the set of object types available for that game system, as well as the set of objects for each of those types. The Kit provides an assortment of pre-defined building blocks that you can use, adapt, replace, and extend. The net result is an extensible framework that provides a substantial set of core functionality and allows significant customizability for authors to adapt to virtually any game system.


Each of the structural elements is outlined in the topics below. Further details on many of these elements can be found in the more advanced sections of the documentation.