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Context: HL KitBasic Concepts and Terminology … Visual Building Blocks 

Templates contain one or more portals and represent a rectangular region within the containing layout. The template is responsible for coordinating the position of its own portals within its boundaries.

Every template is associated with a specific thing or pick. All of the portals within the template are associated with that thing or pick. Therefore, all fields associated with portals reference that field with the thing/pick associated with the template. For example, if a template is associated with the "pistol" pick and the template contained a portal associated with the "range" field, that portal would display the contents of the "range" field of the "pistol" pick.

IMPORTANT! Since templates are associated with a thing or pick, templates may not contain portals that are precluded from having field associations. This means that table and chooser portals may not be used within templates.